Emery C. Martin Co-Founder

Emery C. Martin is an artist, educator and technologist.

Emery C. Martin is a Los Angeles based artist and technologist who serves as Electronic Countermeasures’ Technical Director. Martin received a MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and a BFA in Experimental Animation from California Institute of the Arts. His work deconstructs abstract and invisible ideologies embedded within the socio-technological landscape to create localized experiences that are accessible to a broad audience to spur critical reflection and discourse about the use, influence, and implications of technology in modern life. Martin’s personal works have included data collection, data visualization, film, performance, sculpture, and software that tackle topics such as climate change, domestic surveillance, end user license agreements, games, network topologies, transportation and the “War on Terror.” His work has been shown at various institutions including the 18th Street Arts Center, Anthology Film Archive (NY), Electrofringe Festival, Family Business, Hunter College, LA Road Concert, Le Cinématographe Nantes, Milano Film Festival, Printed Matter: New York Art Book Fair, New York University, No Space, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at the New School, Taiwanese International Animation Festival, and The Contemporary Austin. As a technologist he has contributed to NYC’s Taxi of Tomorrow initiative, the rebranding of the Queens Museum of Art, and Samsung’s Television of Tomorrow project. Martin also taught courses in animation, creative coding, interaction design, and media theory as adjunct faculty for the Media Technology program at Woodbury University’s School of Media, Culture, and Design and the Experimental Animation program at CalArts’ School of Film/Video.